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Clark Industries » Spitfire MK IX

1/4 Spitfire MK IX Kit

Truly the Rolls Royce of Spitfire Kits!

NOTICE: This project has been sold, product is out of production. 

The Clark Industries Spitfire kits feature hand laid fibreglass fuselages already joined with all panel lines and Dzus fastener detail moulded in. The engine cowling features scale removable side panels for easy access to the engine. The firewall and wing mounting blocks are factory installed and the firewall is pre-drilled for the engine mounts. Also supplied are 1/8″ ply bulkheads, and an internal air duct for engine cooling which utilizes the scale carburetor air intake, allowing the engine to be totally cowled in with nothing sticking out but the prop and the exhaust stacks!

John Clark meets with WWII RAF officer and Spitfire pilot Jeffrey Quill in England. Quill was the Chief Test Pilot for Vickers Supermarine. “Congratulations John, you got it just right. She looks just like my DP-845.”

The Clark failsafe landing gear are air actuated with oil damper cylinders for scale 3-4 second up cycle and down cycle times. The 7/8″ dia. scale oleo legs have spring suspension and scale torque links with Dubro 5 1/2″ wheels (four spoke scale hubs are available). Included in the kits are air tank, fittings, hoses, fill and control valves. These gear also feature double down locks for added safety with a toggle up lock to prevent gear sag when pulling out of a dive, if air pressure is lost the gear will come down and lock automatically. The scale shock absorbing castering tail wheel assembly has a 1/2″ sq. aluminum tube mounting strut.

The vacuum formed parts include a .080″ Gemex Canopy, and .040″ under wing radiator housings and canon magazine fairings.

The Extensive hardware package includes all control cables, bellcranks, clevises, 1/8″ custom made music wire push rods, swivel ball links, heavy duty hinges, nuts, bolts, screws, control horns, fuel tank, hoses, fittings, clunk, and filler, servo trays, battery tray, dummy cannons, printed instrument panel (a full cockpit kit with over 100 precision cast and vacuum formed parts is available), sliding canopy track assy’s and more. 3/4 oz. glass cloth is supplied for the wing and stab, and Coverite for the rudder and elevator.

Absolutely nothing more to buy except paint, glue, engine and radio!!

This kit is sold only complete with retracts.

Kit Specifications

Span: 112 ins.
Length: 98 ins.
Weight: 44 lbs.
Landing Gear: Clark Failsafe (air operated)
Prop: 24-12/3 blade

Construction: One piece vinylester fibreglass fuselage already joined with all panel lines moulded in. The wing and stabilizer are of conventional construction with sitka spruce spars, laser cut balsa and plywood ribs, balsa sheeting and 3/4 oz. fibreglass cloth.

Shipping Dimensions: Length 78″ x Width 18″ x Height 18″

Volumetric Weight: 153 pounds

Actual Weight: 66 pounds

Paint Required: The number of cans of War Paint required to paint the Spitfire are as follows:

2 cans Dark Green
2 cans Ocean Gray
2 cans Med Sea Gray
1 can each of Roundel Red, Blue, White, black, Sky Type S, Cockpit interior Chromate Green, Trainer Yellow


Spitfire Kit

Due to the fact that the crankshafts and cylinder assemblies are no longer available we will no longer be able to supply the Spitfire kit with our inline twin. In light of that, we will be offering the kit without an engine, at a new lower price.
(Cockpit not included)
Plus applicable taxes for Canadian orders

Spitfire Scale Cockpit (over 100 pieces including Resin panel)

Spitfire Scale Resin Panel

Scale 4-spoke wheels pair

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