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Clark Industries » The Long Rifle Kit

The Long Rifle Kit (Leonard Reedy Rifle)

All our long rifle kits have been sold. We will not be making any more as our machinery has been sold. Thanks to all those who have purchased our kits. Keep yer powder dry!

For years the sport of black powder muzzleloading shooting has been steadily growing. Every day our ranks increase as more and more people discover the enjoyment of returning to a simpler time when life had a greater meaning to all. In the days gone by a man relied on the best darn rifle and accoutrements he could afford. He knew there was no skimping when it came to reliability, quality and performance. To-day this still holds true. The avid shooter of black powder rifles demands the best which is affordable to him. This is why we at York County Gun Works created the “Longrifle Kit.”

Not being satisfied with what the market offered in kits we decided to put together a kit which was simple to build yet can be dressed to the hilt with added fineries. Of course our first concern was to gather together the highest quality parts which would make up a classic rifle and use them exclusively to put the “Longrifle” together. For a lock we chose our own famous Clark Lock for its dependability, classic style and top notch performance. The premium barrels are all by Green Mountain Barrel Company, and are designed to place the ball where it should be every time. The nose caps, ramrod pipes and side plates are supplied by Cash Manufacturing and we think that Tedd Cash puts out the finest brass and steel hardware found anywhere.

Deluxe Long Rifle with AAA grade hard curly maple and John Clark Bronze lock.
Close-up of relief carving and vent pick inlay – no longer available
Close-up of John Clark Flint Lock with bronze lock plate
Left side view


Now we turned or efforts to help the average builder by doing more for him than the other kit producers have. The barrel, breech and tang not only come 100% inletted but are also installed and pinned. The Ampco touch hole liner is also installed and is in perfect alignment with the fully inletted lock for the fastest possible ignition. A big problem for the builder is the butt plate, so we have cut our stocks as close as we dare to match the plates, this alone saves hours of hard labour. The hard Canadian Maple stocks have been pre-shaped from muzzle to butt, and have the ramrod hole drilled full depth, however we have left just enough wood so you can get a little creative with some relief and incised carving if so desired. The trigger, trigger guard and side plate have all been inletted, and to save even more time and worry we have drilled, tapped, assembled, and hardened the lock to ensure the best and fastest ignition. A hickory ramrod with brass tip and cleaning jag are also included.

As an extra bonus each kit comes complete with a full size measured drawing of the “Longrifle” and easy to follow instructions. The only inletting required will be the ramrod pipes and nose cap, the stocks come inlet for the late style trigger guard which only needs enlarging to fit the early style guard. You have a choice of five styles of ramrod pipes in brass and one style in steel. Also we offer the Tedd Cash patch box in brass or steel to compliment our trigger guard and butt plate in brass or steel.

The hard Canadian Maple stock as it comes in the kit. The barrel, breech and tang come 100% inletted, installed and pinned to save you hours of work.

This is the ultimate kit in graceful styling and superior parts. No other kit to-day can offer you what is standard in “The Longrifle” so take a good hard look before you make the decision, but we are sure that you will agree that the Longrifle stands alone at the top of the list of rifle kits.

Unfinished Leonard Reedy Rifle
A finished representation of the Leonard Reedy Rifle


Barrel: Green Mountain 7/8″x42″ available in 40,45,50, cal.
Lock: Clark Flint
Trigger: Single (investment cast)
Stock: Hard Canadian Maple. Also available in AAA curly maple (Add $200.00).
Furniture: Investment cast butt plate and trigger guard in Brass or  Steel, early or late styles, ramrod pipes, nose cap, side plate by Tedd Cash.
Weight: 7 lbs.
Trigger Pull: 14-1/2 in.

This rifle is also available in kit form with a fully shaped and inletted stock, barrel installed, and ramrod hole drilled. A full size measured drawing is included with several articles on gun building written for Rendezvous and Longrifles Magazine in the 1980’s.

The Clark Lock
Long Rifle Hardware


A – Trigger Guards – Early Style (Brass or Steel)
B – Trigger Guards – Late Style (Brass or Steel)
C – Rear Sights – Feather
1 – Ram Rod Pipes Plain Round (Brass or Steel)
2 – Ram Rod Pipes – Deluxe Round with double thumbnails (Brass)
3 – Ram Rod Pipes – Octagonal (Brass)
4 – Ram Rod Pipes –  Deluxe Octagon (Brass)
1 – Vent Pick Inlays – (Brass) No longer available
2 – Vent Pick Inlays – (Brass) No longer available
Patch Box – (Brass or Steel)
Side Plate – (Brass or Steel)
Toe Plate – Brass or Steel)
Butt plate: (brass or steel)


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